Transition Energétique and Tax Refunds.


Transition Energétique and Tax refunds.

As part of the government’s strategy to reduce reliance on fossil and cut CO2 emissions the Crédit Impôt system has been simplified and streamlined.

Basically any work that you have carried out on your property which increases energy efficiency or uses a renewable energy source is eligible for a 30% refund on the materials and TVA reduced to 5.5% for both labour and materials. These are the conditions for 2015 and will probably evolve in the future although financial restrictions on government spending mean that they are unlikely to improve.

You can only benefit from the Crédit Impôt if you are resident in France for tax purposes but there is no need to be a tax payer to benefit! If your Crédit Impôt exceeds your tax liability you are paid the difference so this is a real saving. Refunds for work carried out in 2015 will be paid in September 2016.

The installations covered include insulation in all its forms including double glazing and insulated shutters plus any form of house or water heating that uses solar energy or wood. Heat pumps that heat water are included but not air to air systems (typical reversible air conditioning).

Photovoltaic systems to generate electricity are only included if they produce heat for the house at the same time. These are new on the market but look very promising.

So making use of the sunshine in the PO to heat your water becomes an even more attractive option as does  replacing your oil fired boiler with a log or pellet model.  Any ancillary work that is required such as bringing your chimney up to current requirements is covered. Even standard wood stoves are included.

One condition is that the installer has to be a qualified RGE (Reconnu Garant de l’Environment) so check before you sign.
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Specialists in “off grid systems”
Wood burning (logs and pellets) stoves and boilers, installed by qualified heating engineers/electricians. Chimney lining or construction if required.
Insulation using environmental friendly products.
Advice about tax breaks and grants for these products

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