Talks have gone well between the government and the transport union who  said an agreement with the government would now be put to strikers for approval.

I’m not usually a pessimist but something always seems to be waiting in the wings to mess up summer for holidaymakers, so badly needed to keep the P-O ticking along financially as much as touristically.

So this year, tanker drivers in France are threatening not to deliver fuel to the petrol stations as the main union, the CGT, pushes for higher pay for tanker drivers, a shorter working day and better working conditions – bearing in mind the enormous responsibility of delivering dangerous chemicals and hazardous materials.

A recent CGTA leaflet explained that a driver “transporting 38,000 litres of fuel and 24 tons of acid is paid 9.73 euros per hour”. In order to do this, he must take exams and his certificate must be renewed every 5 years.

Nothing has been finalised yet but rumblings have already began around the Ile-de-France area and threaten to spread throughout the country during this week. On Monday a refinery near Paris was blocked, as was a depot on the west coast.

Don’t panic yet – it might never happen…and many services stations have stocked up well in advance after last year’s strikes which caused havoc for both holiday makers and tourist resorts…..but keep an eye on the news and in the words of the Brownies motto; be prepared!

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