February 2013


Motorway tolls rise by an average of 2 % from Ist February 2013


Motorway companies Vinci, Eiffage, the two largest) along with   APRR,  Area, and Abertis, who manage Sanef and SAPN, are quick to inform us that the rates are set by the state but there is no doubt that, as automated toll machines take over the job once done by human beings, the companies are making big, big profits.




February 2012


Motorway tolls rise by 2 – 3 % from Ist February 2012


Depending on which regional company is responsible for the part of the motorway that you are on, motorway tolls will rise in between 2% and 3% this week, the first week of February 2012.

According to the motorway companies, this year’s increase is to compensate for the millions of euros they put into road improvements last year.



February 2011


Motorway tolls rise by 2,24 % from Ist February 2011

Motorway tolls rose by un average  2,24 % on Ist February.
Prices are reviewed every year but, according to motorist campaign group ’40 Millions d’Automobilistes’ there was no consultation with the special group set up last year to defend the rights of motorists.

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