Car confiscations and more…

Foreign motorists in France could actually have their cars confiscated in the future when they commit a driving offense, according to a new ’virtual licence’ scheme announced by the French government.

They could also find themselves on a blacklist if they fail to pay fines, leading ultimately to the confiscation of the vehicle.

And there’s more. Look out too for the 10,000 or so ’fake’ speed cameras, unrecognisable from the real ones so equally efficient.

Twenty-five per cent of speeding offences in France are committed by foreign drivers, a figure which doubles in summer. More than half a million of these are British, but the police are unable to collect penalties as the UK opted out of a 2011 EU directive which they have now been pressured to accept.

The UK, Ireland and Denmark will have until 2017 to implement the rules, allowing foreign motorists to be penalised for offences including not using a seatbelt, drink driving, using a mobile phone and ignoring red lights.

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