By Phil Monaghan

Easy Fix for TV Junkies

You may not consider yourself to be a TV junky but when it comes to the small screen, it’s probably true to say that many Brits, not forgetting those from the Emerald Isle, can get severe withdrawal symptoms if the box isn’t on, or worse still, goes on the blink!

It’s less an addiction, and more a part of life’s routine. Like taking a regular tablet, or drinking your cuppa in the morning, the imminent countdown to the six ‘o clock news can trigger an involuntary action that draws you directly to the remote control. But don’t worry. Dinde froide is not on our TV menu!

I moved to the P-O just over a year ago from the Limousin, where my satellite dish and Humax box had stood me in good stead for many a year. But here in the deep south, I was suddenly faced with the unthinkable! No decent TV reception.

Fortunately, having spent the last 35 years of my childhood in IT, I had some ideas of how to tackle this. (If you have any computer type issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mayday on 06 82 26 31 54.) 

So what are the solutions? Well, first I looked at the idea of installing a 1.5m satellite dish, certainly a possibility, but here in the P-O, a few hefty puffs of the Tramontane could take both it and your roof on a Magical Mystery Tour of Carcassonne.

Then there is Filmon.

This can be watched on a computer type device or streamed via Apple TV to a television.

Or there is the option of using Kodi and accessing data streams from disparate sources on the Internet. Getting complicated for technophobes, that’s for sure as these solutions require the user to do the work of configuration.

Are you still with me? Despite my technical background and love of a challenge, when it comes to the telly, I just like to turn it on to exactly what I want to watch and experience the best possible picture with no interference.

So I produced a short bucket list for watching TV.

– Obtaining the largest choice of channels in line with my viewing options in the UK.

– A decent picture.

– Ease of use.

And I continued to look into the various solutions, an ongoing investigation that has proved both interesting and informative, helped by conversations with other ex-pats with the same aims.

One thing was clear: if there WAS a way to watch programs here in the P-O that had become unavailable following the Astra satellite re-alignment, there would be a great deal of interest. So on I plodded, in search of the simplest and most efficient resolution to the P-O telly-viewing problem.

In the end I chose to team up with a simple system that does all the setting up for you.

The old adages, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, and “you get what you pay for”, are certainly true when it comes to these types of service.

In order to provide a TV service over the Internet that can deliver a quality picture with the highest percentage availability means a massive investment in technology. We use the latest servers and software to do just this.

Our service brings together live TV with 14 day catch-up, a movie and box set library of over 70,000 titles, radio, karaoke, YouTube, a web browser, and even a comprehensive music library. For the hard of hearing, BBC and ITV can be subtitled, and there are special ‘lighter’ channels to improve reception for those with a weak signal.

All this is delivered via a portal for which there is an access charge and then the choice is yours as to what you watch.

Go gaga with Lala Land, pour a Pimms and settle down in front of Wimbledon, or the Tour de France, or crack open a bottle of champagne for a karaoke night in with the girls! Wella wella wella….. Tell me more, tell me more!

And the best of all – c’est du gâteau. Anyone can use it.

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