AND HERE IS THE NEWS….  a weekly update of the local news


Three years in prison & record fine for drug traffickers – St. Cyprien traffic police investigating a simple theft were delighted when their investigations led to the discovery of a network of drug traffickers supplying cocaine and cannabis resin to at least 40 ‘consumers’ in the commune. 


Police car lands on its’ roof – After a collision in Perpignan centre between a police car and a Renault clio, the police car ended up on its’ roof.  Both drivers were able to extricate themselves from their vehicles and were said to be unhurt.  The driver of the Clio apparently had the music turned up so loud in his car that he didn’t hear the police siren until too late.


Couple killed on train crossing – A train driver was unable to stop when he came across a car stuck across the tracks on a level crossing just outside Tresserre.  It was thought that the driver, an elderly man, had attempted to cross just as the barriers were lowering.  His wife was killed instantly and he died in hospital several days later.


Cannabis Farm in Perpignan apartment – police called to investigate a break-in by the owner of an apartment were amazed to discover that one of the rooms had been turned into a mini cannabis farm containing 16 live plants and several bags of dried cannabis.  When the tenant turned up – a 19 year old man – he explained that he was a heavy user of cannabis and the plants were for his own use.  He will be called to court at a later date.


Beach closed at Collioure – A light film of oil caused the red flag to be raised on Saturday morning and swimming was banned for several hours.  It was believed to have been caused by a small local boat but due to the currents the oil was swiftly dispersed and swimming resumed by early afternoon.


Super-yacht berths in St. Cyprien port – Mystery surrounded the owner of a 50 metre super-yacht which has just spent 2 days berthed in St. Cyprien.  All we know is that he is a rich german businessman who made his fortune in the property market.  He flew into Perpignan by private jet and then the yacht departed for Ibiza.  Visits by such luxury yachts are great news for the region as, apart from the 1000euro per day for the berth, there is the added income from the purchase of fuel and supplies so the final bill is estimated to be around 20,000euros for this short stay.


Boulevard Clemenceau two-way again – After a long experiment of having the boulevard as a one-way only street, it was suddenly decided to revoke this and it is now a two-way system again. Amazingly, despite several cars meeting head on, much surprise and some strong language, there were no accidents.


And finally – two animal stories…


Pink Goat found at hospital – A young goat whose coat had been painted pink was found tied up outside a hospital building after some ‘celebrations’ by young interns got slightly out of hand.  The owner said that he had never intended to harm the animal but had bought it for the evening and was planning to donate it to a local farm.  The SPA in Torreilles preferred to take it in and have named her Rosaline.


Viviane’s holiday is over – Viviane, the Tibetan bear who escaped from the Sigean Animal Reserve a couple of weeks ago has been found safe and well in Gruissan.  Despite several sightings she had remained at large until last Saturday night when a fisherman reported seeing her.  The team from the Reserve caught her with the aid of a tranquiliser gun and she is now reported to be in their ‘nursery’ recovering from the effects of the anaesthetic.

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