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Housing Market still in decline – 2012 was a particularly bad year for estate agents and 2013 is looking no better.  As an example, the figures for Perpignan for the first trimester show 30% less sales than the same period last year.  Sales of ‘Littoral’ properties remain stable but ‘Mountain’ properties are not selling  well as these are generally ‘second homes’ and people are just not spending.  Despite the fact that interest rates are so low, banks are being so cautious about lending that mortgages are harder and harder to obtain.


Shots fired in Perpignan – Shots were heard at around 9.30pm last Friday evening outside the HLM Vernet-Salanque building in Perpignan.  CCTV footage showed a man wearing dark clothes and a light coloured cap firing several shots into the air from a hand-gun.  3 people were treated for shock.


Thieves followed from Canet to Perpignan – Police in Canet were concerned by the behaviour of two young women who were peering into the front doors of properties that might be unoccupied.  A brief discussion with them revealed nothing untoward, except for the fact that they were gypsies from Croatia with no fixed address.  The police decided to secretly follow them and on arrival at the Auchan Car Park in Perpignan, spotted them blatantly stealing a Carte Bleue from an elderly lady who had no idea she had been robbed as she was busy loading her shopping into the car boot.


Underage driver causes chaos – Police in the St.Jacques area spotted an underage driver at the wheel of a stolen car.  The driver accelerated to escape them, nearly running over several pedestrians, damaging a building, crashing into a parked car and driving the wrong way up several streets.  He was finally cornered and then proceeded to threaten the police with a knife.  He awaits trial.


Woman falls onto beach – A 70 year old woman fell 3 metres off a low wall onto the beach Saint Vincent.  She suffered multiple injuries, including a head trauma, and was transported to Perpignan Hospital.


Woman falls at Ille-sur-Tet – A 62 year old woman walking around the Site des Orgues fell suddenly and suffered a fractured leg.  She was transported to Perpignan Hospital.


Woman trapped by lorry – An 89 year old woman was run over and pinned under the axle of a 19tonne HGV which was reversing slowly in a road at St.Jean Pla de Corts.  She suffered shoulder injuries and the circumstances surrounding the accident are being investigated.


First Gay Marriage in Perpignan – Two young women became the first same-sex couple to be married in the Pyrenees-Orientales following the recent change in the law.  Despite the fact that this was a ‘newsworthy’ event they requested no publicity in case any ill-wishers came along and ruined what was a personal and private ceremony.


Apartment destroyed by flames – At Midday on Monday the centre of Amelie was blocked by fire-engines as the pompiers fought a violent fire on the 3rd floor of a building.  A 70 year old woman was overcome by fumes and had to be rescued, and two other occupants of the building had to be evacuated and temporarily rehoused.  The boucherie on the ground-floor has had to be closed.


And finally….


Mysterious accident in Argeles – A young man from Le Boulou had been attending La Fete de La Musique in Argeles and at 3.30am left his friends to walk alone along the D618 back to his home.  His father found him in his bed the next morning with 2 broken ankles and no recollection of what had happened to him.  His friends had followed the same route and discovered some of his clothes and some debris from a car and realised that he must have been hit by a car and then transported to his house.  Police are appealing for witnesses.


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