If you’re caught short in the centre of Paris, look out for these bright red, eco-friendly urinals or ‘uritrottoirs’ filled with straw and designed to be odour-free.

They can be found in the middle of public paths and pavements, they are not hidden away at all, and their aim (no pun intended) is to discourage gentleman from public peeing at random against walls, behind bushes…..

When full, about 200 pipis-worth depending on bladders, a sensor alerts an attendant to empty the contents. Yes, really! This is not an April Fool!

The melange is then turned to compost, and eventually becomes plant food – “but only for flowers” its co-creator Laurent Lebot was quick to inform the media. “Not for fruit or vegetables.”

Some of them even have a view, like the one on quai d’Anjou looking out over the Seine and its bateaux-mouches!

Coming soon to Perpignan or a town near you? Wee or non?



  1. Als Frau mit voller Blase muss ich dann wohl doch den Busch nehmen, da doch nur an die vollen Blasen der Männer gedacht wird. Auch bei Frauen ist es schon mal dringend, aber das interessiert wohl keinen. Hauptsache für Männer ist gesorgt.

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