So very Céret

cherry_PNG3090 (1)In 1911, Picasso and Braques arrived in Céret and began experimenting with Cubism, a painting style that was to revolutionise art. Other artists were drawn to the town, discussions held in the Grand Café were animated, and Céret became a popular meeting place for artists from far and wide.


cherry_PNG3090 (1)Over one hundred years later, Céret is still a great attraction for artists. Push open the wrought iron gates of the Gallery Sant Roch and enter another world, a shady courtyard, leading to a cool and ancient former Carmelite convent, now a showcase for the individual, handcrafted works of art of 20 local artists.


cherry_PNG3090 (1)Painstakingly renovated from a near ruin in the 60s by the Métiers d’Art Sant Roch group it is now run by artists for artists and art and craft lovers.

cherry_PNG3090 (1)With regular exhibitions, workshops and classes, demonstrations of the different arts and crafts, music evenings, it personifies the Céret that attracted some of the great artists of history.

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