A one and a half hour circuit in the footsteps of the French and Spanish soldiers who fought in the bloody battle of Le Boulou, it is a historical eye opener. Stunning views over the Albères, Roussillon plain as far as the Med and across to Mount Canigo, are a stark contrast to the bloody tableau of wounded and dying, which once stained this peaceful landscape.

Valmy park will reopen to the public from the 6 February 2016. Trails, fountains, waterfall, play and picnic areas along with a fabulous view down to Argelès, the Mediterranean and the Roussillon plain.

The Procession de la Sanch, opens the celebration of “Semaine Sainte” (the Easter Holy week) in Perpignan.
The brotherhood of “La Sanch” (the blood) was founded in 1416 by Vincent Ferrier at the church of St Jaques in Perpignan, its origin to assist and accompany the condemned to their execution.

If you’re a fan of thrills and spills, (and we wish you more of the first and less of the second bien sûr!), you won’t be able to resist a visit to this ‘téléski’ in Port Barcarès, to try out, practice or perfect your water-ski and boarding skills. Wakeboard, waterskiing and kneeboard await – maybe with a few ’Air Tricks’ once you’ve become a bit of a pro

I just love Argelès port. It has that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, that special atmosphere that sets it aside from other ports. Sails moving gently in the breeze, sea air, totally pedestrian, (tho’ you may have to hop out of the way of a stray bicycle), people strolling along and chatting, or watching the world go by – a refreshing change to the manic pace of life.

If you are interested in music, or a musician yourself, this museum is not to be missed. Housed in the former St. Pierre Hospital, next to La Capelleta, Céret’s Museum of Instruments and Music is an extensive and fascinating collection of all imaginable types of musical instrument.

Spring is in the air and there’s no better time to brush up your language skills!
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