Fairies Foul….

Many are the stories of ‘encantades’ or ‘bruixas’, (witches) in the history of the P-O, and believers in witchcraft protected themselves with a variety of different methods, including painting their windows blue, keeping bread in the drawer, washing undergarments in water from seven different sources, never leaving nail clippings or cut hair on the floor, putting their shirts on backwards…..

Interesting….but pretty weird! On the other side of the coin, according to a Catalan tradition, a person who wants to BECOME a witch (like one does!) should go to the beach, take off all her clothes, roll over in the sand seven times, stand up, draw three circles, roll around again, and mutter witch-like prayers and incantations. She will turn into a witch, as long as no one sees her completing this ritual. However, if she is spotted, she will remain a mere mortal (if she has not by then been carted off by little men in white coats!)


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