A Worldly Tale Told of Mothy Chambers

by Kate Barnwell

“I never fully understood where I fitted in or what to do with what I had.”

What alignment of the planets brought about the meeting of two souls – Mothy Chambers, a 16-year-old struggling with adolescent uncertainties and Bette, a mesmeric young woman, settled in the unique southern French town of Collioure?

He, sent direct from English boarding school to France by an indifferent family; she, the recently arrived new wife of his host.

Back in England, Mothy reflects on the enchantment of Bette and wonders if the sudden disappearance of his oldest friend is the key to the purpose of his own ordinary life.

A few words from the author…

There is definitely a magic spirit in Collioure and I have been excited to include this unique destination in my writing, alongside the contrast of life and lifestyle in England.

As well as atmosphere, characters are also important to me; to follow someone makes reading an adventure and a pleasure. We should experience new worlds, news ways of thinking, similarities and differences, I hope this unusual narrative will interest those who love to get lost in words.

And from her publisher…

Super young writer… Set partly in Collioure, it is an evocative and mysterious book that has received a lot of critical acclaim with many readers begging Kate to write more about the characters!

It is always a bit bemusing when you are so involved in a book to find that, of course, the characters are from the author’s mind and not in fact real!

It’s an excellent short read and will be of huge interest to those who know and love Collioure town.


P-O Life reader’s Bookclub review by Gillian

“A delightful, beautifully written book. The quality of the prose was unexpected. Mothy’s stay in Collioure as a 16 year old was breathtakingly well written, but this did not seem to carry over to his return later in life. Still a mesmerizing mix of relationship complexity woven within an unusual framework.”

Other reviews

“I was caught up in the spell of this book… Barnwell has a gift of language which captures the reader and transports them out of their present and
into the lives of the characters. This is a book for travelers, for those who love language, enjoy a bit of mystery and even, heartbreak.”
Evelyn Dunphy

“A tantalising book and a wonderful read; evocative with an arresting and often beautiful turn of phrase. You will feel after reading it that you have actually been living in the south of France – you can feel it and smell it. I couldn’t put it down. Do try it!”
Richard Sumner



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