Annya Création

Looking for an extra special gift for an extra special person (or pet!)? Then look no further than Annya Création, a brand new jewellers in Le Barcarès.

annya creation

With years of experience selling her haute-couture wedding jewellery, Annya has now opened a permanent boutique, where you can explore her designs, or commission a new piece for your milestone events.

Her unique pieces communicate both her passion and her skill, using beads, crystal, quartz, silver, steel, and of course, semi-precious stones..

There’s a wide range of jewellery on offer, something to reflect your loved one’s individuality, but be sure to check out Annya’s signature pendants, crafted around a singular precious stone, with her special touch of magic.

Did you know?

Not only are Annya’s creations beautiful, they also have healing properties! Her designs incorporate her interest in lithotherapy, stimulating your energy and your chakras through the choice of bead or crystal.


Tel: 06 37 67 95 52


Address: 6 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Résidence Port Pêche, 66420 Le Barcarès

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annya creation


  1. Bonjour,
    La boutique ANNYA Creation est ouverte toute l’année, même le Dimanche, jusqu’à 20h 30.
    A trés bientôt.

  2. Merci à votre équipe pour ce bel article, il est parfait. Il décrit vraiment
    la créatrice ANNYA dans tous ses détails. Tres belle annonce. Merci.

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