Le Racou : shabby chic, pretty creeks, take a peek!

Who doesn’t love this beach just south of Argelès port?

The original beach houses facing the sea were demolished by the occupation. Amidst fishermen’s huts and makeshift shelters thrown together in darker days by Spanish refugees, the small village started to take form from around 1947.

An access road for the very occasional cars and vans, a train stop on the Argelès – Collioure road where the Hôtel du Golfe now stands, and later a few shops and a café provided all the essentials. Demonte Frères of Elne delivered ice twice a week so the drinks could still be served literally ‘on the rocks’, there was open-air cinema, dances under the stars, pétanque… and since then not much has changed!

Did you know?

… that you can walk from le Racou along the cliffs to Collioure and get either a bus or boat back?

The original Spanish exiles’ huts have been done up, even extended over the years. Many of them appear to be in a comfortably reassuring state of genteel dilapidation as the wind, salt and sun do their darnedest, but they’re still hanging in there. It’s all part of the charm of le Racou.

Wander along the beach towards the pretty, pedestrianised port and follow the track alongside the park leading to Argelès marina. A flat and delightful 15 minute stroll to shops, cafés, and some great restaurants on the water’s edge.

Did you know?

In 1913, local fisherman, Josep Llanas, was caught in a terrible storm off the port of Collioure. As huge waves broke over the boat’s bows, he prayed to Notre Dame de Consolation (Our Lady of Comfort) for safe deliverance.

Miraculously the howling wind turned, and Josep was blown back towards the harbour, hanging on to a piece of his wrecked boat.

Josep could ill-afford the cost of building a new boat but local chipped-in and he soon had a new craft named after the saint who, he was convinced, had saved his life.

His boat can still be seen today moored at the main quay at Port Argeles. Local folklore has it that the boat is divinely blessed and will always steer crew back to port safely.

Make a day of it with lunch or dinner at one of these fabulous restaurants…

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