Would you like to be an extra in the film with the Chevaliers du Fiel?
Men, women and children aged between 6 and 80 years, who are residents of Port-Vendres and Collioure are invited to apply. Once accepted, there will be one to three days of shooting in Port-Vendres and around. Pop into the Mairie or tourist office of Port-Vendres, for an application form.

Fans of Les Chevaliers du Fiel will be delighted to hear that Port-Vendres has been chosen for a feature-length comedy about their favorite theme: civil servants!

Starting in May and June, Port-Vendres will host the shooting of the new movie by the  Chevaliers du Fiel, “Les municipaux”, directly inspired by the hilarious duo of Francis Ginibre and Eric Carrière, and their tongue-in-cheek mockery of all things French.

Le Dôme - Port Vendres (credit: M Hadler)

With 70 actors and technicians, it will also bring much needed revenue to the region, estimated at a million euros for the commune.

Why Port-Vendres? Well, it appears that one of the Chevaliers du Fiel, Eric Carrière, spends most of his holiday there, has owned a yacht for 10 years and has many friends amongst the Port-Vendrais.

Unfortunately, Port Vendres will be renamed Port-Roussillon for the film.

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