Some of you may remember that last year my rather beautiful dog Lilli pulled me down the stairs and I broke my leg in three places. Stupid I know because I didn’t let go of the lead.

Jaca D’en Calvet

If there is anyone out there who has done a similar thing and has suddenly become unable to walk, get around and do everyday things? You become very aware of how difficult it must be for people who are permanently disabled don’t you?.

Kerbs, steps and a thousand things are out there as your own personal minefield. You become a prisoner in your own home.

Jaca D’en Calvet Les AnglesSince my accident I have looked for things that make life easier and more pleasant for people with walking disabilities.

This is just a small place I have found on the roadside on the road leading into Les Angles believe it or not.

Someone has had a wonderful idea of building a wooden boardwalk round a small lake  [Jaca D’en Calvet]  and picnic tables for wheelchairs. With  bench seats on one side and space for the wheelchair on the other.  There are two fishing platforms, also accessible to wheelchairs.

They have actually made parking spaces  wider for people to get out and access their chair. It is so brilliantly thought out.

OK the place isn’t huge but it is beautiful. The lake, wild flowers –  such a magic place to go for a picnic.

Anyone who has friends and visitors with mobility problems, this summer and for summers to come and feels that the mountains are not for them, think again. This place is a little spot of heaven made easy to access.

Jaca D’en Calvet

Happy picnicking folks

Jenny’s husband, Mike,  is a qualified International Mountain Leader/Accompagnateur en Montagne and is one of the most experienced leaders in France, having walked and climbed in the Alps & Pyrénées for over 40 years.
Resident in Les Angles, Mike will give you a day to remember so don’t forget your cameras!
For safety reasons the group size is limited, so book your place early

Contact Mike & Jenny Rhodes on 04 68 04 37 28 or email:

If you would like to visit Les Angles, Jenny and Mike offer comfortable accomodation in their delightful barn conversion apartments on the edge of the old village of Les Angles.


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