Better known for her large « trompe l’œil » paintings and her series of acrylic apes portraits, Anne Reymond used the lock-up period to get back to her keyboard: and on March 8, she published   Sortie de Route on Amazon.

It tells the end of a most famous sports car factory, Matra , a firm which won nearly every world trophy available in the 60’s and 70’s. It then moved on to more conventional cars for the greater benefit of a small town in Sologne (central France, just South of Orleans), Romorantin. The plant closed down in 2003.

Finding new jobs for workers who haven’t done much else than puttng together all the parts of a car within a superb but mainly de-industrialised area which they adamantly refuse to leave, is a prowess equal to that of a tight-rope walker.

Yet despite being totally unprepared for the task, Philomena isn‘t going to call it a day. She’ll bravely set out to work despite tough and numerous setbacks – and a really nice and fully unexpected present awaits her at the end of her journey.

This book brings a ray of hope in a rough and changing world.

Anne will present her book to you on April 4, from 5 to 6 at Salle Jean Thubert, Montesquieu. She will answer your questions about the great Matra epic (Formule 3, Formule 1, les trophées – and other cars), and she will share her insight on the writing adventure you may have been dreaming about. Moreover she will open up new horizons about self-publication : a whole new world may appear in front of you…

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Take a wander through some of Anne’s artwork



Anne Reymond
Du côté de Banyuls (acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100) is inspired by colours from the Fauvist School born in Collioure in 1904

Anne Reymond

The screen (acrylic, 140 x 180) : the school ship Belem navigates on a sea that could become rough under a sky bearing constellations of Europe


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