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John FaircloughSince my last report in the Winter edition of P-O Life on the availability of direct air links between the PO and nearby to the UK and Ireland, there have been a number of positive initiatives, some which have borne fruit, others which have not. The various airlines and airports have now published their timetables for Summer 2012 (ie the period from  March 25th onwards).
At PERPIGNAN, it’s a mixed bag. The Ryanair flights to Stansted have returned, but FlyBe have reduced their service to Southampton , although they have reintroduced one to Birmingham. As yet ,no-one has filled the void created by BMIBaby’s decision to abandon Manchester. Aer Lingus have clearly decided to try at least another year for their Dublin route.
Ryanair seem to have made their peace with the authorities at GIRONA, so the outlook there looks a lot more rosy, with some old favourite British destinations back, though it has to be said that it is still nothing like the heyday of 3 years ago.
Services out of CARCASSONNE would appear to be at similar levels to last summer, though no other airline seems prepared to give Ryanair a run for their money there.

BEZIERS has seen a moderate increase in routes, with Ryanair’s Manchester connection , and FlyBe’s link with Southampton  the highlights.

MONTPELLIER continues to offer a small selection of UK destinations in the summer.

However, as with the winter, anyone looking for the widest choice of UK/ Ire connections will have to go to BARCELONA. Ryanair have expanded their number of routes there to 6 . EasyJet have added Southend to their offerings, and special mention should be made of a newcomer, Spanish low-cost carrier, Vueling, who have commenced routes to Edinburgh, Southampton and Cardiff. See Table.
As ever, this is correct at the time of writing (early Feb 2012), and if there have been any significant changes before the summer edition, I will do my best to alert you.



Stansted 5x pw  Ryanair
Birmingham 1x pw  FlyBe
Southampton 1x pw FlyBe
Dublin 2x pw Aer Lingus

GIRONA   (all Ryanair)

Birmingham… 4x pw 4x pw
Bournemouth 5x pw
Bristol 7x pw
Cork 2x pw
Doncaster 2x pw
Dublin 4x pw
Knock 3x pw
Luton 7x pw
Stansted 7x pw
Manchester 7x pw
Newcastle 3x pw


CARCASSONNE  (all Ryanair)

Dublin 3x pw
Nott/East Mids 3x pw
Glas Prestwick 2x pw
Liverpool 3x pw
Stansted 7x pw
Bournemouth 2x pw



Bristol 4x pw  Ryanair
Luton 4x pw  Ryanair
Manchester 2x pw  Ryanair
Southampton 3x pw  FlyBe


Gatwick. 7x pw    EasyJet
Luton 2x pw EasyJet
Leeds Bradford 2x pw  Ryanair
Birmingham 2x pw  Ryanair



Dublin 7x pw  Ryanair
7x  pw  Aer Lingus
Nott/E Mids 7x pw Ryanair
Edinburgh 4x pw  Ryanair
7x pw Vueling
Glas Prestwick 7x pw  Ryanair
Leeds Bradford 3x pw Ryanair
5x pw Jet 2
Stansted 14x pw   Ryanair
7x pw EasyJet
Belfast 4x pw   EasyJet
4x pw Aer Lingus
Bristol 4x pw EasyJet
Liverpool 12x pw EasyJet
Heathrow 56x pw BA/Iberia
Gatwick 40x pw EasyJet
7x pw  Monarch
Luton 14x pw   EasyJet
Southend 7x pw  EasyJet
Newcastle 5x pw EasyJet
Glasgow 3x pw Jet 2
Manchester 5x pw  Jet2
6x pw  Monarch
Cork 3x pw  Aer Lingus
Southampton 7x pw   Vueling
Cardiff 3x pw  Vueling


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