Insurance for Animal Related Accidents

The hunting season causes fearful animals to panic and head away from the guns…and safety of the fields and forests.

If you are victim (not forgetting who are the real victims here) of an accident caused by a wild animal (wild boar, deer, yeti..), it is important to know what steps to take in order to receive compensation for damage caused to the vehicle or injuries to the driver or passenger.

Nobody can actually be held responsible for a tragic collision with a wild animal, unlike those involving a domestic pet, but you should first contact your insurance company.

If your policy is all risks (tous risques), repairs and any medical expenses involved should be covered. If you don’t have an all risks policy, you may be able to claim under the FGAO ( Fonds de garantie des assurances obligatoires de dommages). This fund is available for accidents such as this, when no one is responsible, or a non-insured party is involved.

Claims under the FGAO will only be successful if the accident has taken place on a public route.

Visit the French Federation of Insurance Companies where a detailed FAQ is set out to explain your rights.


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