11th September

Diada de Catalunya

The 11th September, the Diada de Catalunya, is a national holiday throughout Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

This date is in fact the anniversary of the day in 1714 when the Franco-Spanish army captured Barcelona, bringing an end to the region’s independence, and is an annual commemoration of a bloody and controversial episode of Catalonia’s history.

From political demonstrations to concerts, fireworks, parades through the streets, the day is punctuated in unique Catalan style by sardanes, gégants and castellers amongst other events. People wave ‘senyeres’ or ‘estelades’ (Catalan flags) and hang them on their balconies, and red and gold are the colours of the day.

This day is a public holiday and many smaller shops and businesses will be closed, particularly over the border in southern Catalonia.

If you’re thinking of shopping in Spain, you’re unlikely to find many shops open.


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