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Navigating the murky waters of digital TV and online streaming can at times make the Bermuda Triangle seem simple! However, Phil Monaghan, from the aptly-named MAYDAY and webTV4me, is going to take us through things, step-by-step, with a series of posts full of information, tips and advice.

Keep checking back for updates and don’t hesitate to comment or contact Phil directly if you have any questions which are not answered within.

Here goes…


Thinking you’re safe on the Internet and actually being safe are two completely different things!

Most of us use a computer system (not a tablet or Smartphone – different issues here) for email, general web browsing, and limited document production. And of course some will use a system to watch TV.
These types of activity can be kept mainly safe from external threats using an Anti-Virus program and a Firewall, be it Windows or a proprietary Firewall. The Firewall is educated to understand what activity is allowed on the system and opens and closes “ports” accordingly. This henceforth is acceptable to the Firewall.
 You may (or may not!) have spotted at some time that email uses certain ports; 110, 993,25, 587 and so on. Once data has been allowed in, the Anti-Virus program will check that data for known threats, malware, or adware. Generally, the use of these safeguards for these types of activity will keep a user safe from problems.
The majority of problems that occur are due to malware or adware getting past these checks and entering the computer system, or even an external user gaining access to your computer.
A good example of this is as follows: a user visits an illegal content site e.g. music, movies, TV streaming, and once Javascript starts to run it can sniff out the user history, browser type, plug-ins etc, and tailor some code that will compromise the system. This code could alter the Search Engine choice, install unwanted programs, issue false warnings of Windows security breaches, or allow an external user onto the system. This last example is generally associated with demands for money to fix the problem!
Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, quietly inquisitive, most folk will run into some kind of trouble at some time or other. So be aware and be as safe as possible.

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