INSEE, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, will  begin  the next sample census throughout France from Thursday, January 20th 2022 with a selection of approximately 9 million of the population.

How will you know if you will be included in this selection?
If you live in a town of less than 10.000 inhabitants, you can check this out by going to the census site and clicking on ‘Suis-je recensé(e) cette année?’ These towns conduct a census every 5 years.
If you live in a town of more than 10,000 inhabitants,  you can check with your local council (a sample of about 8% the town will be ‘recensé’ each year).

What Are the methods of census?
‘Agents recenseurs’ will visit your home with  questionaires concerning the characteristics and comfort of your home, age, place of birth, nationality, educational level, place of residence five years ago and occupation for each person

There will be a seperate form for each resident. This  year, questionnaires will be accompanied by an information leaflet available in French and in several other foreign languages. Agents can help you fill out your questionnaires should you request it.

They will also show you how to fill in the form online. If you prefer, and will give you a personal code to do so.


All ‘agents recenseurs’ should have an official ‘tricolore’ ID  with photo, signed by the mayor of your commune, as well as official forms for you to fill in. Do not hesitate to ring your mairie or the local police if you feel at all suspicious or uncomfortable.

YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE RESULTS OF THE CENSUS HERE (but good luck finding the right info)

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