Flying to or from Barcelona this year? Around the end of September Barcelona holds an enormous street party, the Barcelona La Mercè Festival in thanks for help received in the Middle Ages from of its patron saint, the Virgin of Grace or ‘La Mare de Déu de la Mercè’.

Celebrations have taken place at this time of year in one form or other since 1687, when Barcelona suffered a plague of locusts. The government asked the Virgin for help, and the city was delivered from the pest. Wonder if it would work with Covid-19.

In these troubled times, there will undoubtedly be a much reduced programme, but usually there are 5 days of all that is the most traditional in the popular culture of Catalonia, culminating on the Día de la Mercè, Barcelona’s  bank holiday on September 24th – and it’s all free.

Look out for street parades, castellers, giants, street theatre, music, dance, correfocs, circus, street races……or if you’re feeling vulnerable, avoid like the plague!

Not a good time to hire a car in Barcelona in normal times.

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