Just wanted to let you know that a similar scam  arrived on my laptop from “proscan28online” pretending to be Microsoft technical support and freezing the computer.

Best remedy: press control, alt, delete at the same time to exit, then do an anti-virus scan.


“Hello, I’m from Microsoft and we notice that you are having some problems on your computer”.


Microsoft will never, ever make unsolicited calls. Remember never!

However convincing you feel the call is, just hang up.

It appears that this scam has become one of the most popular. Teams are accessing the “Pages Blanches” (French phone book on-line) and targeting English-sounding names. Let’s face it, there are approaching one million to go for, so no shortage of opportunities.

The objective of the call is to gain access to your credit card details and then to go shopping!

During this process they will attempt to install software on your computer that allows them control of your system. This will allow them to demonstrate to you that there are severe security issues on the computer that require remedial action. It is at this point that you will be asked to pay for the service.

The charge varies depending on how gullible they believe you are. I know of several people paying over 100 Euro!

There is some good news. Normally, after the call, your computer is left with only some new software that has been installed to allow remote access. But you must get the system checked thoroughly.

However, if you get taken in by the scam and pay them using your credit card, call your bank and cancel this card immediately!!!! They may have already gone shopping!

Also this may be the time for that “Computer Health Check”.

As the use of social networking and other free services increases, so does the inundation of your system with adware and malware. These small pieces of code will act subversively to cause your system problems; slowness, landing on web-sites you haven’t chosen, re-directions, displaying of false alarms.

A good example is a message telling you that a “click” can speed up your system when it is actually the presence of that code slowing the system in the first place.

If you have any concerns whatsoever, or you would like a computer health check, we are only a phone call away.

Mayday – here to help.

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