by an anonymous lady!

We were taking a walk along the canal at the base of Canigou and saw many of the caterpillar nests in the trees – we didn’t know what they were until we saw your article in PO Life.

Actually the reason it was helpful to me is a tadge embarrassing, but has helped with diagnosis of a rash that I developed later that same day.

Please don’t mention my name…if you decide to give walkers a warning – but I snuck behind a tree for a sneaky w** – and my nether regions must have come into contact with some of the caterpillar hairs which blow around.

I was in agony for a couple of weeks until I saw your posting – and it helped the doctors by giving them a diagnosis. So – please let ladies know that if they need a pipi stop ‘dans la nature’ at this time of year,  they might be better just to cross their legs!


  1. Please be aware all dog owners, these catapillars are harmful to your dog if their spines are inhaled. We have known dogs die from this.

  2. Always travel/walk with a Shewee or GoGirl. Never know when you’ll be glad you had one.

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