A new book of English poetry has just been published by H.M. Hargreaves of Céret – that’s Hortense to you and me.

“I published my first book of poems ‘Le Ciel est Bleu’ in 2015, and thought it’s time for a follow-up”, says Hortense, adding “I have written hundreds of poems over the years and have hesitated to expose them to the light of day – until recently!”

The new book of 50 poems is titled “If I but Knew…” and reflects various life experiences, from gently walking on Cromer beach to finding yourself in an untenable situation.

Having moved from Norfolk to live in the P-O twelve years ago, Hortense made integration into local French life her mission and has encouraged many other ex-pats to ‘find their feet’ here. She hopes this latest book will inspire and comfort anyone who reads the poems, and suggests it is an easy-to-send gift for a friend.

“If I but Knew…” by H.M. Hargreaves is available on Amazon. (Price approx: 8.50 Euros).

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