Climate in the Pyrénées-Orientales

The weather in the Pyrénées-Orientales is one of the main attractions for tourists, as well as one of the reasons that a lot of us moved here, along with the incredibly diverse nature of the scenery.

Officially proclaimed to have more than 300 days of sunshine per year, this Mediterranean climate boasts temperatures as diverse as its scenery.

If you are too hot in the Summer, you can take a short trip up in to the mountains (from which you are never far away) and enjoy the cool, fresh air.

The PO is known for its micro-climate and often, if it’s raining in one place, you can drive for 10km and find the sun!

Best months to visit

It is generally agreed that, depending on your taste of course, May, June and September are the pleasantest months to visit the region.

Good weather is virtually guaranteed, sunny and dry with a light breeze, although you can’t rule out the occasional Summer storm, or heavy late spring showers.

Evenings are warm and temperatures just right for sitting out on the balcony or patio with a glass of wine and watching the stars!

July and August tend to be very hot and still, perfect beach weather if you are a sun worshipper but not for those who can’t take the heat!

The sea is warm and clear.

Up in the mountains, you will find cooler temperatures and fresh clean air with blue skies and sun.

October and November are also pleasant months to visit the region although evenings are becoming more chilly and there is more likelihood of a shower and when it rains, it REALLY rains!

January, February and March are possibly the months NOT to visit the beaches as the Tramontane is strong and unpredictable and brings with it rain and sometimes even snow. The weather can often be cloudy and miserable and very ‘un-south-of-France-ish’

Remember that the PO is not just beaches, blossom and surf but also ski, snowboard and mountain activities.

For those who believe that the Alps are the only place to go in France for good snow conditions, a snowy Christmas in Les Angles, Font Romeu or Porté-Puymorens would soon convince you otherwise.  Certainly, snow is not guaranteed, but if you get it, a joy.

Even when we have a particularly cold and wet winter in the PO with above average rainfall and wind measured and temperatures well below the norm for the season, the hours of sunshine are still up on other regions of France.


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