These are in fact caterpillar nests, constructed by the pine processionary caterpillar (chenille processionnaire) larva, who live in large ‘tents’ and march out at night in single file (hence the name) to feed on the pine needles.

Whilst the Roussillon area is without doubt renowned for its wines, and one of the top producing areas in the whole of Europe, beer has never been very high on the list of priorities of either producers or consumers here. However, with microbreweries making a strong comeback all over the world, led particularly by Belgium, Holland, The UK and USA ,it is very pleasing to see the emergence of the Cap d’Ona brewery in Argelès.

As the details of winter season flights available have not changed significantly from those detailed in the Autumn edition of PO Life, I thought instead I would examine the rather sparse transport possibilities to and from our local airports. Please bear in mind that details, particularly public transport prices, vary wildly, depending on day of the week, how far in advance you book and route chosen, so please contact the various websites for up to date details.

Am I an organic gardener? An honest answer is “partly”. I believe in trying to do without chemical aids in the garden and have turned to using natural fertilisers and compost and to employing organic gardening techniques for controlling pests where possible. However, I also use chemical methods where necessary.