The events of the past few months, allied to the deep fall in the value of Sterling, means that everyone is looking to extract the best possible value from their travel budget. In fairness to the airlines, they are doing their bit by largely keeping most of the existing flights available, introducing new aircraft onto routes, and taking advantage of the continuing low fuel price by offering keener than ever fares.

The Easter Omelette, or ‘Omelette Pascale is more than just a recipe in Catalonia – it’s a whole tradition!
According to legend, Napoleon Bonaparte was travelling across southern France with his army, when he first tasted an omelette prepared for him at an inn near Bessières. He was so impressed that he had a giant omelette made for his troops the very next day. What a nice man!

Bunyetes are flat, fried ‘pancakes’ which swell in oil, become crisp, and are served dusted with granulated sugar, much like beignets or doughnuts. They are traditionally made and eaten at Easter all over Catalonia.

I just love Argelès port. It has that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, that special atmosphere that sets it aside from other ports. Sails moving gently in the breeze, sea air, totally pedestrian, (tho’ you may have to hop out of the way of a stray bicycle), people strolling along and chatting, or watching the world go by – a refreshing change to the manic pace of life.

April is the month when things in the garden really begin to grow. In February and March there seemed to be plenty of time: in April as the ground warms up, the garden comes along in a rush. So it is time to catch up with your jobs.

The owl appears in some of cuckoo poems because he is seen as judge and jury for the treacherous cuckoo. Incidentally, there are many words for owl in French ; hibou is the general name but here is a list of the various special names for the many types of owl.

Thank goodness for the internet, I thought. Hubby was going to the UK for a week, so that he could have his teeth fixed by a dentist he could actually communicate with. The strong-armed dentist in Barcelona had done a great job but he tended to say things in Spanish and all hubby could reply was ‘si’, so it wasn’t a good idea, on the whole.

If you like big colourful abstract paintings, Alain Clément’s new show
at the museum of modern art in Céret is for you! Alain Clément takes us on a Mediterranean voyage in three parts from Tuscany to Tangiers to Céret, transforming what he finds along the way into paintings and sculptures of arresting simplicity.