Cindy Guilbert has forgotten more than most of us ever knew about  flowers and herbs. She  makes perfumes, paints mandala watercolours and other artworks, makes chocolates,  dabbles in crafts……Visit her at Naturale Magick.  or contacther by e-mail at

Most spiders are pretty harmless to humans. In fact, only four are known to be dangerous, one of these being ’la recluse brune’ (brown recluse spider, or fiddleback, also known as the violin spider due to its shape and markings.

Ever thought of using your outdated bank card to create a flute that can imitate birdsongs? At MuSIC Musee des Instruments in Ceret, you can get a close look at just such an instrument created by Amazonian Indians. Alongside it are instruments created with recycled tin cans and plastic bottles.

P-O Life has teamed up with Arts, Musiques et Evénements (AME) to give you the chance to win a pair of tickets to the hit show ‘Sinatra & friends’ in Amélie-les-Bains on Saturday 20th July.

There are so many beautiful and affectionate animals in shelters around the region just waiting to love you. So if you’re looking for a furry friend, please do think hard before you buy from a breeder.

Constructed in locally mined marble, with 15 bedrooms, chapel, billiard room and swimming pool, you would think that Chateau d’Aubiry, the magnificent building on your right half way between Le Boulou and Céret, would have been snapped up by now.