Théâtre des Aspres – Season 2017/18

The Théâtre des Aspres in Thuir invites you to discover their cultural programme in their 5th season of fabulous theatre and performance. This year’s theme: tolerance!

Celebrating the rich diversity of live performance, the 2017/18 season will showcase dance, comedy, music (vocal and instrumental), juggling and much more besides! From the spectacular Flamenco, Carmen, to a Basque interpretation of Moby Dick, there is something for all ages and all tastes. Expect Russian clowns, contemporary dancing and an unorthodox performance from a chamber orchestra, amongst others!

Discover the full program here.

General performances:
Adult 15€ / -15 years 10€

Young Audience Performance :
Adult 6€ / -15 years 5€

3 Pass show:
-1€ per show

5 Pass show:
-2€ per show

Saturday 7th October 8.30pm Carmen Flamenco Dance: Flamenco interpretation of Prosper Mérimée’s classic story of the condemned Don José and his turbulent relationship with the dangerously beautiful Carmen
Sunday 15th October 4pm Les Frères Choum Musical Faerytale: Musical inventors, the Choum brothers, invite you into their workshop-laboratory to join them in their quest to create the super “Robot-Trumpeter”
Wednesday 25th – Sunday 28th Octber As advertised Festival Théâtres d’Automne 21st annual theatre festival including classical, contemporary, professional and amateur (in French!). Click here for more details.
Saturday 18th November 8.30pm Puccini Dance: renowned choreographer, Julien Lestel, pays homage to the Italian opera composer, Giacomo Puccini, by interpreting the often-tragic destinies of some of his most famous heroines.
Sunday 26th November 4pm Moby Dick Theatre: a new take on the classic tale of whaler Ishmael and his obsessive captain, Ahab.
Friday 8th December 8.30pm La Famille Semianyki Clowns theatre: A family of 6 clowns, without the typical red nose, and without a word, invite you into their home in a topsy turvy, yet surprisingly poetic performance.
Saturday 16th – Friday 22nd December As advertised Il était une fois à Noël Christmas theatre event designed for younger audiences, with street entertainment before and after each show. Click here for more details.
Thursday 28th December 8.30pm (des)Concerto Classical Music & Humour: A unique and unorthodox presentation of classical favourites from Mozart, Vivaldi, Rossini and others.
Sunday 14th January 4pm Kadabrak Dance: A family-friendly show depicting the lives of two funny ostrich-dodo-chickens as they search for the ideal nesting ground.
Saturday 20th January 8.30pm La framboise frivole Classical Music & Humour: two Belgian virtuosos, one a violinist, the other a pianist, decide to celebrate their 100th birthday while they’re still alive.
Saturday 27th January 8.30pm La Llei de Lassus Dance: 14 young dancers from Barcelona present their energetic, lyrical hip hop performance full of energy, colour and vitality.
Sunday 4th February 4pm Bizar Kids’ Theatre: Alone in her apartment, the eccentric Frida creates a fantastic universe from everyday objects, but she will need the help of handyman Jean-Claude when the objects take on a life of their own.
Friday 9th February 8.30pm Le quatrième mur Theatre: Georges, an amateur theatre director, student at the Sorbonne and militant of the extreme left, finds himself directing a performance of Antigone in Lebanon as war rages around him.
Sunday 11th March 4pm Moun Shadow Theatre: A poetic discussion of abandonment, adoption and identity as desperate parents send their only daughter to sea in a bamboo box to save her from war.
Friday 23rd March 8.30pm Teatro Delusio Mime: Giving centre stage to those normally confined to the wings, this show follows the technicians and stage hands as they bring together a final performance.
Sunday 25th March 4pm 24*42 Circus: Movement, music, acrobatics; the two performers will charm audiences of all ages as they attempt to rediscover their own child within.
Friday 13th April 8.30pm Ivan le Terrible Marionettes: The story of Ivan IV, the 16th century Russian Tsar, brought to life in a visually drama representation.

Information and Reservations
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66300 THUIR
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Théâtre des Aspres
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