Coming from the French word terre for “soil,” the word terroir originally described the special characteristics of a region, or piece of land, which gave different varieties of wine, coffee and tea their individuality. (Soil, climate, position, regional traditions….)

The Pyrénées Orientales are a mountain Biking paradise – and one of the best-kept secrets in the mountain bike world.
For those of us in the know there is an unfathomable amount of mountain biking potential here. Between the summits and the sea you can ride to your heart’s content on trails suited to all abilities, thousands of kilometres of waymarked and non-waymarked trails.

The stunning landscapes, light, colours and hues of the region were an inspiration to take more. Most of the photos in this exhibition are views, but there are also some extra special ones taken from my travels with my late husband, Bruce.

If you are interested in music, or a musician yourself, this museum is not to be missed. Housed in the former St. Pierre Hospital, next to La Capelleta, Céret’s Museum of Instruments and Music is an extensive and fascinating collection of all imaginable types of musical instrument.

St Joan de les Abadesses is probably not a town one would choose for a holiday break. Quite unprepossessing, and other than the monastery at its centre, there isn’t much to detain the traveller here. But the monastery was what we’d come to see, so we parked up and walked over the gorgeous 15th century Pont Vall, the old bridge over the Ter into the town. It was a promising start — the sun was shining and the river was lined with allotments and willow trees.

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