Did you know that if you are a tax resident in France, you can deduct between 66% and 75% (réduction d’impôt) of your charitable donations in France and Britain from your French tax bill –  and the charity still benefits from the full amount you have donated?

If you make donations to associations such as Les Restaurants du Coeur or the Red Cross (Croix Rouge), you are eligible for 75% tax relief as they provide food, accommodation, and free medical care for the needy.

Donations to other, more general charities – education, sport science…. – benefit from 66% tax relief.

Don’t forget to ask for a receipt from the charity in case you are asked to prove that you have made a donation.

As well as donations and subscriptions to charities, you can also get tax relief on allowing a charity to use your premises, or expenses incurred as a charity volunteer.


  1. Reply from Maggie of CSF

    Our treasurer can let anyone who donates to CSF have a.form to claim on their tax return here in France if they so wish to.

  2. Q1. Is there a central (preferably comprehensive) list of allowable UK/EU/French charities that ARE definitely tax-allowable for Frech tax-payers?? [IF SO, could you provide a link on your web page? – really useful!)
    Q2. If not, how CAN we identify elegible charities – eg do they all have reg. nos.??
    Q3. Are UK registered humanitarian / aid charities tax-allowable in France?
    Many thanks.
    Peter Curtis

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