Up until now, you must have been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years to be eligible to vote in UK Parliamentary general elections and European Parliamentary elections.
However, in the name of democracy, the UK government has put forward plans to lift the ban on expat who have been out of the country for more than 15 years, and allow them their vote.
Long standing expats living abroad will now be able to register and vote in the 2020 British General Election.

Expat voting in the UK



Did you know that, whilst around 200,000 British expats are resident in France, only a small handful are actually registered to vote in the UK, even though they can?

In fact, providing you have been registered to vote in the UK at any time within the past 15 years, you can continue to vote in UK General Elections and European Parliamentary elections, as long as you register as an overseas voter. (You cannot vote in UK local or mayoral elections, elections to the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales or the London Assembly.) You can also vote in France’s own local and European parliamentary elections.

To register to vote  from overseas, download an overseas registration form HERE  and return it to your electoral registration office for the address where you were last registered to vote in the UK.

Once you are registered, you may choose to vote in person at your local UK polling station, by post or by proxy. (This form does not apply to Northern Ireland. Visit www.eoni.org.uk for more information.)


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