Fuels: a site to compare prices at gas stations

Published on February 08, 2023 – Directorate of legal and administrative information (Prime Minister)

As we are all aware, fuel prices have been breaking records for several months and it’s not looking rosy for the future either.

To find out the prices at pumps of service stations located near you, consult the website prix-carburants.gouv.fr which lists the various points of sale throughout France and find the best petrol prices near you or on your next journey.
(Editor’s note: Remember that these prices are only as good as the people supplying them, so if a service station doesn’t send in its prices and special offers, you will be none the wiser! If you can be bothered, you  can let the site know if your favourite service station isn’t playing ball and they will sent a reminder)

As well as providing you with the current price of fuel, you can also……

……create a personal space so you can keep a note of your fave service stations! (motorhome area, wifi, CB automaton, electric car terminals, shops, showers, baby area, catering, public toilets, etc.);
…..access an interactive map of France to find fuel prices more easily at service stations in your search area;
…..consult on your smartphone the fuel prices of the stations closest to you thanks to a geolocation system.

Prices from nearly 10,000 outlets are updated regularly (date of update is displayed),  so you can sort them by price to find the cheapest station near you.


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