On Good Thermes with Amélie les Bains

Taking a cure in France is a serious business! The medicinal and healing qualities of the thermal waters in Amélie les Bains have been recognised for thousands of years and evidence shows that prehistoric man benefited from its healing and restorative properties.

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Eleven sources flow down into the resort from the Serrat d’en Merle hills, supplying more than a million litres of thermal water per day. Rich in sulphur, chloride of sodium, and carbonates of sodium amongst other elements, their natural temperature is around 44° – 62°.

Spas fall into two general categories, pampering and medical. Not so long ago, the ‘station thermale’ at Amélie-les-Bains catered only for those with medical problems. Today, the resort also  offers leisure and relaxation, as well as enormous medicinal benefits.

At the top of pretty Amélie centre, treatment (les soins) takes place in two separate buildings.

Les Thermes du Mondony,  a comparatively modern building, provides all the standard services. Les Thermes Romains,  the higher of the two buildings, is  the ‘luxury version’ of the Thermes du Mondony. Built upon the site of ancient Roman baths, a listed building, it provides visitors with  “une cure cocooning”

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The medical spa can provide a realistic alternative for those seeking to alleviate a wide range of adverse health conditions. Treatment is available for most rheumatic and respiratory conditions, as well as  spinal disorders, bone fractures and soft tissue injuries,  sinusitis, laryngitis…

For some real ‘me time’, book  a good old pamper with mud bath and mud treatments, high pressure underwater jets, massage….Ummmmm, feeling chilled just thinking about it!

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Read a P-O Life reader’s review of the Thermes from way back in 2010.

Even if the waters have been enjoyed for centuries, if anyone feels like writing a new review, we’d be more than happy to publish. Now there’s a GREAT excuse 😉

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Did you know?

Payment for your ‘cure thermale’

Your doctor can ‘prescribe’  a spa treatment that is beneficial for your health. Many of these treatments are covered and therefore reimbursed by the Caisse d’Assurance Maladie!

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