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Two people injured after arson attack on their home

lighter flame

Firefighters were called to a house fire in the Saint-Jacques district of Perpignan late last Saturday night. Several people managed to leave the burning house in time but a 71 year old woman and a 50 year old man were very seriously burned. Early results from the investigation indicate that the fire was started deliberately – a 30 year old man who set fire to his in-laws home following an argument. The suspect fled the scene after setting the fire but has since turned himself into the police.

Dog poisoned after swimming in River Tech

dog in river

Despite the hot weather, authorities have advised people not to swim in the River Tech, the river that crosses the Vallespir and the Albères, after a dog was poisoned after being in the water. The presence of cyanobacteria is suspected – microorganisms that tend to develop in stagnant waters when temperatures rise and produce toxins that can cause health problems in humans, particularly children, and can be fatal for dogs. 

Fires across the P-O



Wildfires are becoming more and more frequent in the region. Last Saturday, on the edge of the RN116 in Serdinya in the Conflent, the flames progressed very quickly and 184 firefighters were mobilised, backed up by four Canadairs and a water bomber helicopter.  The N116 was closed in both directions for several hours and 65 hectares of vegetation was destroyed.  Investigations are underway but as the fire broke out on the edge of the N116, it is strongly suspected that a cigarette butt is the cause.

Another fire between Calces and the Col de la Dona over the weekend destroyed 120 hectares and required the intervention of 341 firefighters, almost 120 of whom came in to help from neighbouring departments.

5 year old girl injured by firework during display


A little girl was watching the July 14th fireworks display in Maury when a rocket did not take off as it was supposed to but fell directly onto the public area and exploded near her.  The child, who was about 70 metres away from the launch pad, suffered third degree burns to her arm and stomach and was quickly taken to hospital.  The Mayor of Maury has expressed his shock and sympathy for the trauma that the little girl has suffered and has said that out of respect the town will never organise a firework display again.

Fatal fall from cliff in Cerbère


A 59 year old man died after falling 15 metres from a cliff last week. The man was on holiday with his family in a campsite in Cerbère and he was descending the cliff to reach a small cove where one of his sons was when he slipped.  Rescue services quickly arrived to transfer him to hospital but he sadly died during the journey.

And finally…

A local saying has it that the Catalans like their snails best in a cargolade (snails on the BBQ) and the saying was proven right this weekend at the Fête de l’Escargot in Bompas. Indeed over 3000 Roussillon ‘little-greys’ were consumed by connoisseurs over 2 days but as local paper, L’Indépendent wrote, “let the Catalan who does not appreciate the cargolade cast the first stone!” Bon app!

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