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5 bombs found on Torreilles beach


A security fence was installed on Tuesday on the beach at Torreilles after the discovery of five bombs in the sand.  The French made bombs date from the 1930s and were uncovered after the strong winds and waves last Monday.  The Montpellier Bomb Disposal squad were called out and defused 3 of the bombs and buried the other 2 in the sand before exploding them.

Restaurants open for construction workers

Around thirty restaurants have signed up to a new scheme, agreed between the Préfecture, the UMIH66 (Union of Hotel Trades and Industries) and the Construction Federation, which will enable construction workers to be able to eat a hot restaurant meal during the working week.  Strict protocols remain in place and essentially each restaurant will sign a contract with a construction company in order to supply their workforce with lunches.

Body found on Argelès beach

A body was discovered on Marende beach, Argeles-sur-Mer, last Tuesday.  The body is believed to be that of a 41 year old Spaniard with no fixed address, who was being sought by the Gendarmes.  It is believed the man drowned  – a  pile of clothes was found on the beach and his truck was parked in the town.

Winter holiday figures rise

analysis statistics

According to Gites de France, the occupancy rate for winter rentals is higher than for the same period last winter, particularly in the mountains.  They say that their clients seek accommodation in the open air, such as the villages of the Cerdagne, to enjoy walking, but not necessarily at the foot of the ski-slopes, so the closure of the ski-lifts has had no effect on them.

Caravan fire in Ponteilla

Fire engine

A 56 year old man received second-degree burns when a fire broke out in the caravan where he had been living for several months.  Around 10 firefighters and the samu were called out to bring the fire under control and aid the victim, who was evacuated to Perpignan hospital.  The fire is said to have been of accidental origin.

Speed camera vandalised

radar speed camera

A new ‘state of the art’ double sided speed detecting radar which was installed on the D900 near VillaVerde garden centre has been set on fire and is currently out of action.  The camera had been in place for just 2 days.

Saharan sands were radioactive


The recent episodes of Saharan sand deposits being blown across France have not just covered our cars in sand, but covered the entire country in radioactive dust.  Atomic bomb tests were carried out in Algeria during the 1960s and scientists have now confirmed that particles of Cesium-137 (which is not normally present in sand but was produced as a result of the nuclear explosion) has been found in the dust covering France.  The scientists are quick to add that this radioactive pollution is NOT dangerous as after all this time only 1% of radioactive substances remain, so don’t panic Captain Mainwaring.

Police shoot at vehicle

A driver refused to cooperate when border control police at le Perthus wanted to check his vehicle and when he attempted to drive on in the direction of France they had no alternative but to shoot at the front of his Mercedes to stop him.  He has been arrested but no reason has yet been given for his refusal to stop.

And finally…

Having been arrested and imprisoned in August for violence against the police, Nuja, a young illegal immigrant, had nearly finished serving his time and was due to be released on 13th February.  Unfortunately on the 8th of February he allegedly hit a prison supervisor who had come to empty the bin, and was summoned to court.  During the trial he ignored the judge, interrupted her, took off his shoes, and finally ended up by hitting one of the court guards with his shoe.  He was sent back to prison for a further 8 months and faces being deported upon his release.

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