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Huge drug raid on ‘bird’ gang – A social housing block, named Residence les Oiseaux, had for 3 years been well known as an area for drug dealing, and the chief of police had had enough. On Friday afternoon, 150 armed police circled the building, accompanied by a helicopter overhead, and a team of sniffer dogs, and took the gang by surprise. At the first sight of the uniforms, several dealers (including 13 and 14 year old teenagers) attempted to escape but were quickly caught. A search of the building recovered stashes of hashish and cocaine. No need to mention which town this was in as Perpignan has had too much bad press recently…!

Fatal stabbing in Cabestany update – Following an autopsy on the man who was found stabbed to death in his home in Cabestany, it has been announced that in fact the wounds were self-inflicted and that he committed suicide after attempting to stab his girlfriend in the throat. Neighbours say that they regularly heard disputes between the couple, which had become more and more violent recently.

Major Roadworks ahead – As work on the France/Spain A9 expansion continues, temporary new traffic rules will be put into place between Le Boulou and the border. Traffic in the direction of Spain will be diverted onto the left-hand side of the motorway, with just 2 lanes in use, no overtaking, no emergency lane, and a maximum speed of 70kmh. The change comes into effect from Monday 15th October and is expected to stay in place for 6 months.

New speed trap on Spanish border

Always pay your debts – A student was just leaving the training centre of the CCI in Perpignan when he was attacked by a man who been lying in wait for him. He received 2 blows from a machete, one of which cut off his thumb. Following surgery (another student had recovered the thumb and kept it cold so it could be reattached) the student went to the police. He explained that he knew his aggressor and the attack was to settle a 3 year-old debt – the man was his drug-dealer and he owed him 10euros but had not been able to pay him as the dealer was in prison. It was not reported whether the young man finally paid the 10 euros – but he will have the same difficulty in paying as it seems likely the dealer is on his way to prison again.

And finally:

You know the feeling; you wake up with a thumping headache following a good night out and have no clear recollection of what happened the night before? (Only me then?) Imagine the shock for a man from Thuir who woke up in hospital with deep cuts to his face, requiring 40 stitches! He has published a photograph on a public page on social media, asking for witnesses to what happened, and particularly wanting to know who called the pompiers when they found him covered in blood outside a nightclub at 5am. An enquiry is currently underway to investigate whether he was the victim of an attack, or just a self-inflicted accident.

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