AND HERE IS THE NEWS….  a weekly update of the local news

With Caroline Hill


Horse rescued by Fireman – A heart-warming story to start the month with.  A horse got trapped in mud up to its’ flanks in a canal in St. Hippolyte.  A vet and several pompiers struggled for several hours and the horse was finally towed to safety.
Unexplained death – Liliane Barra, the owner of the La Luna complex at Canet was found dead at her home on Sunday 5th May.  No explanation has yet been given.
Labour Day demonstrations – This year saw a particularly low turnout in Perpignan for the traditional demonstrations.  Police recorded just 600 people attending the march from Place Catalogne to the Castillet.
Child Molester caught at swimming pool – Children enjoying an afternoon at the Moulin a Vent pool in Perpignan complained to their parents when a man waiting at the foot of the waterslide caressed them and pulled down their costumes.  Police were called and a 28 year old man was arrested and is in custody.
Man found dead in hotel – An 80 year old man was found unconscious in a hotel in Argeles.  Firemen called to the scene were unable to revive him.  A heart attack is suspected.
Perpignan woman on Hunger Strike – Annie Marciniak, originally from Perpignan but now living in Paris is among a group of French citizens who are trying to bring media attention to their ‘Justice for All’ campaign.  She is now on her third week.
Rugby World Cup News – one of the deciding matches in this years Rugby World Cup will be held at Stade Gilbert Brutus.  On November 13th France will play Samoa.


Theft of USAP tickets – 25 year old Kevin Doherty, with a list of previous convictions as long as your arm, was caught in possession of a bag containing 464 USAP tickets (Stamped Etablissement Milles) as well as several designer scarves.  This was stolen during a robbery at the home of Mr. Milles at Canohes where goods worth a total of more than 25,000 euros were stolen. Despite Mr. Doherty’s protestations that he had ‘found’ the bag in a dustbin, he was sentenced to one year in prison.


Don’t feed the Pigeons – The fine for feeding the pigeons on the streets of Prades has always ranged from 40 euros – 450 euros.  The Mayor has decided to enforce the higher charge (after issuing a warning) to anyone caught breaking this law.


Lady missing from Amelie les Bains – 59 year old Sylvie Tripiana has not been seen since leaving her home last Sunday leaving a note for her husband saying she had gone for a picnic. She is described as 1.53 metres tall, ‘corpulant’, with mid length brown hair, wearing glasses and walking with the aid of a cane.


Man disappears from Ceret – 65 year old Bernard Mette left his apartment on Sunday eveningand has not been seen since.  Described as 1.65 metres tall, ‘corpulant’, with grey hair, and wearing a beige shirt, trainers and a bandage on his hand. He is in need of medical attention for a recently amputated finger.


And finally……..


Man accused of kidnapping two Prostitutes – Despite willingly getting into a man’s car at La Jonquera, two prostitutes became alarmed when he locked the doors and drove them across the border to France.  They alerted the Spanish Police who contacted the French Police and the man was arrested.  The 37 year old man claimed it was simply a misunderstanding due to the language barrier and that he only intended to take the ‘ladies’ to a hotel in France.  He spent a night in the cells.


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