After several years of work, 12 hectares of the valley of Camprodon, 7km from Prats de Mollo, have been transformed into an animal park.

Molló Parc is described by its creators as ‘ideal for families and school groups to escape the routine and enjoy a day in the mountains’.

It is neither a zoo nor a theme park, but a natural stretch of forest and grasslands alive with flora and fauna.


A marked walk of about 2 hours will take the visitor on a magical mystery tour amidst birds, red deer, foxes, squirrels,wild goats, lynx, mouflons, brown bears, polecats, vultures, marmots, otters…..…..

There are also farmyard animals such as chickens, rabbits, ducks and a donkey, a cafeteria and several locations for picnic along with ‘chambres d’hotes’ for those wishing to spend the night communing with nature.



Prat is the Catalan word for prairie or meadow. Prats de Mollo is so called after Mollo, a village over the border in Spain, on whose Prats de Mollo was built, hence the prairies of Mollo.

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