The hot summer in PO has been and gone, the months tick by, but there still seems to be very little flesh on the Brexit bones, and its impact on aviation is no exception.

SPANISH airline Air Nostrum is planning to launch a high-speed train services from Montpellier to Barcelona and Madrid in October 2018.
Air Nostrum’s rail subsidiary ‘Intermodalidad de Levante’ (Ilsa) is the first private company to request permission to launch an international service on the Spanish high-speed network.

The events of the past few months, allied to the deep fall in the value of Sterling, means that everyone is looking to extract the best possible value from their travel budget. In fairness to the airlines, they are doing their bit by largely keeping most of the existing flights available, introducing new aircraft onto routes, and taking advantage of the continuing low fuel price by offering keener than ever fares.

As the details of winter season flights available have not changed significantly from those detailed in the Autumn edition of PO Life, I thought instead I would examine the rather sparse transport possibilities to and from our local airports. Please bear in mind that details, particularly public transport prices, vary wildly, depending on day of the week, how far in advance you book and route chosen, so please contact the various websites for up to date details.