Where a Bank holiday falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday, many small businesses will ‘faire le pont’ (make a bridge) and take Friday or Monday off too to ;make a long weekend. This rarely applies to large shops, supermarkets etc, many of whom no longer close for most of the public holidays.

The first round of the 2020 French Municipal election will be held on Sunday 15th  March, the second round a week later on Sunday 22nd March. Here is some vocabulary to help you to follow the French Elections.

INSEE, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, will begin the next sample census from Thursday, January 16th with a selection of approximately 9 million of the population.

There but for the grace of God …..
There are several charitable organisations around the region who would be very happy to accept your donations, house clearances etc. Here is a glimpse into the origins of three of these charitable associations who hope you will be thinking of them this winter.

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