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According to the Indépendant, restaurants could open earlier than expected with the help of the TousAntiCovid Ap. An update to the Ap could mean that diners would scan their Smartphones on arrival, registering their presence, and making it easier to alert all customers if a positive case is detected in the same sitting.

StopCovid application

If a case is identified  whilst you are in the restaurant, you would receive either:

  • Alerte orange: all customers in that sitting required to take a test (this would indicate potential cases reported)
  • Alerte rouge :  all customers  considered ‘cas contacts’ and should isolate immediately and take the test as soon as possible. (this would indicate positive cases reported)

The initiative still needs some fine tuning to get it right, and of course will depend on customers accepting the solution!


With a lifting of restrictions, movements and contact between people will increase. 


Download the new COVID tracking app TousAntiCovid. If you already have the previous StopCovid app, you can open it on our phone or tablet and download from there. If you don’t have the last app, visit bonjour.tousanticovid.gouv.fr  and download via the Apple store.

This latest app works in the same way as the previous one (detailed below) but with more info, statistics and advice.

You can also download the latest attestation directly from the app.

StopCovid application

Coming into contact with people we do not know means that in the case of infection, tracking the spread is more complicated.

Prevention to Break Transmission

To prevent an eventual ‘second wave’ of the virus, and break the chains of transmission, the government has put in place StopCovid. Special ‘Covid teams’  will use ‘contact tracing’ to monitor patients infected with the virus,. Through a series of questions, they can manually track down anyone who may have come into contact with the patient, be it family members, colleagues or friends.

The StopCovid app will also help the Covid team and health authorities to identify  people outside the immediate circle of the patient much faster, those not necessarily part of  the user’s entourage, who may nevertheless have been in prolonged close contact (less than 1m for over 15 minutes) with someone who later tests positive for Covid 19.

Stop Covid, has been designed in collaboration with medical professionals to help counter this problem.

StopCovid application

How Does it Work?

It all sounds a bit James Bondy but when a telephone with the app identifies a nearby user who also has the app, information is exchanged and stored automatically.

If a person tests positive, the patient is given a QR code to record in their phone and alerts are sent to anyone who has been within one metre of the infected person, for more than 15 minutes, within the last 14 days.

Whilst the application is not compulsory, it must be used by at least 80 percent of the population. order to be efficient. It is free and available on Android and iOS systems and using bluetooth.

StopCovid application

Easy to install

The app is easy to install. On your smartphone, go to your Apple store and search for StopCovid (one word) France. Click on GET, follow the clear and easy instructions – et Robert est ton oncle.

Your Privacy

All users will remain anonymous and data will only be held temporarily.

The Prime Minister assured listeners that the app would respect privacy laws and has been approved by CNIL, France’s watchdog for data protection.


  1. Bonjour,
    We are U.K. national who have recently left France after 15 years.
    We have had both (Pfizer) vaccinations in France before leaving in February and have our certificates . I have tried on line to get a Passé Sanitaire but encountered a difficulty because we have cancelled our Cartes Vitale therefore the attempt failed.
    We have also tried on the NHS as we are now on that system but without success.
    Any advice ? Thank you

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