Who invented the Rousquille? Was it Touron in Arles sur Tech or pastry chef Marius Séguela of Amelie? Both lay claim to the recipe, passed down from father to son. Both are delicious. Both are an integral part of Catalan culinary heritage.

Certainly the addition of the sweet meringue glaze was the invention of Amélie-Les-Bains baker, Robert Seguela in 1810. Pop into the Pâtisserie Perez-Aubert in Amélie centre for the proof of the pudding.

The word rousquille comes from the Catalan word ‘rosquilla’ meaning ‘little wheel’, and is traditionally flavoured with aniseed and lemon blossom.

The rousquille rings used to be fried on long thin sticks called ‘rosquillars’. Street vendors carried the sticks on their shoulders, and sold the rings in the streets at fairs and markets, or held up to windows for people to reach down and help themselves.

Traditionally accompanied by Muscat, Banyuls or any Roussillon dessert wine, they also go down rather well with a nice cup of tea!

As featured in POL N° 69 (spring 2021)

(Check out the boulangeries of Amélie-les-Bains)

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Created in 1923 by Maison PI- ROUE, this rum based gâteau with marzipan base and «yéma» filling is delicious.


A royal chocolate treat, brought to France in the 17th century from the Spanish court after the signing of the Treaty of the Pyrenees. In fact, did you know that the first real chocolate factory in France was created in 1814 in Arles- sur-Tech?

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