Although it might sound a little risqué to us Anglophones, it’s actually nothing of the sort! It’s an amalgamation of balader (to stroll) and ludique (fun)… albeit spelt with the funky, digital ‘k’ rather than the standard, boring (!!) ‘que’.

And it does exactly what it says on the tin : it helps visitors get the most out of their stroll around the coastal town of Argelès sur Mer.

Developed by the Office de Tourisme, the free app contains 2 different treasure hunts. Intrepid explorers must solve the enigmas to reveal the location of the next cultural heritage site or point of interest.

Currently, the treasure hunts are only available in French, but it could be a fun way to test your language abilities alongside your logical deductions and orienteering skills!

Download the Baludik application for Apple devices here and Android devices here, then simply scan the QR codes available on the information packs via the links below.

1. Espionnage à Argeles (Espionage in Argelès)

The year is 1641. The French army is preparing to lay siege to the town. As a French soldier, you are sent on a reconnaissance mission through the streets of the old village, gathering information on the ancient fortifications.

Duration : 1h15
More information here.

argeles village

2. Expédition autour du Parc Valmy (Expedition around the Parc de Valmy)

You are a time-travelling hero, voyaging through 5,000 years of history between Parc Valmy and the dolmen of the “Cova de l’Alarb”. Find the legendary lost dolmen and witness the traces of prehistoric men before finally solving the mysteries of the castle of Valmy.

Duration: 1h30
More information here.


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