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We’re just an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot excited about our new calendars. All profits (after printing expenses etc) will go to Un Gîte une Gamelle in Rivesaltes and Marina animal refuge in Céret. We’ve put it together ourselves (with only a little bit of help from our fab P-O Life designer Maite) so it’s probably not as slick, chic and ‘design’ as some of the posh glossies around, but it’s been produced with love (of the region). Do please buy. The online buying link is very safe or you can send a cheque if you don’t like paying online. Go on, click on the link below, read and buy a calendar or two to support local animal charities.

Are paper calendars going out of fashion?

We have organisers on our phones, calendars on our computers, even our watches will beep if instructed, to remind us of that important dental appointment that we would probably actually prefer to forget.
Clever machines – but do they really  beat waking up in the morning to a photo of cherry blossom against a snow covered Canigou, or Doggo at the lake in Villeneuve de la Raho?

Pictured – the ‘places’ calendar preview. Please note the calendars are A4 portrait with months on each side of the page.


We have some superb seasonal photos all taken by our amazing P-O Life readers which we have made up into  calendars. All profits (after printing expenses etc) will go to Un Gîte une Gamelle in Rivesaltes and Marina animal refuge in Céret.

Order your P-O Life 2022 calendar HERE!

Choose from ‘Pyrénées-Orientales Landscapes‘ or ‘Pets in  P-O Places’.

P-O calendars

Arrange to have one sent straight to family and friends. That’s Christmas sorted!

Buying one of the P-O Life 2022 calendars not only provides you with a brilliant calendar but also for every calendar sold, all profits will go to charity!

Our chosen charities: Un Gite Une Gamelle and Marina Un Refuge Pour Ceret.

Price: from 15.99 plus P&P totalling 19.99 euros in Europe.

Order by clicking below. If you are ordering for delivery to a non European destination, the P&P will be a little bit more so please email us at with the address and we will provide you with a quote.



  1. I ordered mine a very long time ago. – one of the first to place an order & including a cheque. Now I’m told by the producer/creator/whatever that I’ve been “forgotten”, and I “may” receive it sometime in January. As I intended sending it to someone abroad, it’s a bit disappointing, so I told him to either forget it and send my cheque to the animal refuge ( not forgetting to post me the receipt) or simply refunding me.
    The offhandednes of this gentleman. amazes me.
    I hope his business affairs with other clients is a little. more satisfactory.

    1. I don’t think that’s very fair Helen. He’s not at all offhand, a very nice man, and just trying to do his job and find the payment. His emails to you, trying to sort this out have always been polite. If you remember, you had difficulty paying at the beginning and we’re trying to work out how you paid in the end – just a matter of finding it. We are not perfect and we make mistakes. He’s trying to sort that out.
      We order each calendar individually – there’s no job lot – and we then send details off to the printer who make up each calendar and send it out to you. We’ve done the design and putting together ourselves to cut costs down to minimum. We make about 2 euros per calendar once postage is included, which goes straight to charity – we’ve put many hours into it for which we don’t see a penny….but we’re animal lovers, as you know, because you know me, and have done it for that reason. We will make sure that your calendar is delivered to your letter box personally over the next few days.

  2. I woud like to see the pictures in theses calenders and I would like to know, wheter they can be hanged up on a wall. So I would like to by one or two.
    Thanks in advance for your kind answer.
    Best regards Brigitte

  3. Please could I see the photos on the pets calendar? Many thanks

  4. Can I see the photos please before ordering L

    1. Hello Tabby
      Which ones?
      Views or pets?
      All of them? Arrgghhhh.

  5. Looking forward to receiving it

  6. I would buy several but there are no spaces by the dates to write any important info !!

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