There’s no smoke without fire


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Fire damage resulting from a chimney fire is one of the most common insurance claims in France.

Any chimney that is in use needs to be swept at least once per year. Many  INSURERS will NOT pay out for fire damage without a cleaning certificate (“certificat de ramonage“) which your chimney sweep (ramoneur) will leave you when he cleans your chimney.

Of course, the most important reason for keeping your chimney clean is the risk of fire and the danger of breathing in carbon monoxide which stays in the house instead of being released through the chimney.


The smoke produced by a wood burning fire contains unburned wood particles which leave condensation on the walls of the chimney as the smoke cools.

A thick residue (creosote) can build up with each new fire you light. This residue is both corrosive and very inflammable, and if left over a long period could ignite and cause a chimney fire.

High temperature of a chimney fire could quickly cause the inside liner of the chimney to expand and crack, eventually turning into a full-on house fire if not caught in time and put out by firefighters.

Watch out too for blockages caused by birds’ nests or other nesting critters

Useful vocab with ‘bois’ (wood)

gueule de bois – hangover
bois de chauffage – firewood
bois de construction – timber
bois de pin – pine
bois mort – dead wood
charbon de bois – charcoal
chaudière à bois/granulés de bois – wood/ wood-pellet fuelled boiler
chèque en bois – rubber cheque
feu de bois – wood fire
toucher du bois – touch wood

gaiete du feu

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This family-run business has been installing fires since 1989. Son, Nicolas, is the youngest person ever to have gained the ‘Qualibois‘ qualification in France.

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