The traditional ‘timbre rouge’ has gone e-timbre!

The  French red stamp promising next day letter delivery is no more.

The first class  ‘timbre rouge’  for sending a priority letter has been abolished but the ‘timbre vert” which guarantees delivery in three days for €1.16 can still be purchased.

Instead, you can now send first class mail via a red ‘e-letter scheme’ (1€49). The post office will then print and send it for you in an envelope stamped with a red e-stamp

Visit La Poste and click on “Envoyez un courrier en ligne” . You will then have the choice between a  ‘Lettre Recommandée’ (registered letter), “Lettre suivie” (to arrive the next day with option to follow its progress) or a “Lettre simple” to arrive the  next day letter, without option to track.

To send a priority letter, delivered the day after it is sent (excluding Sundays and public holidays), you now have the “red e-letter” accessible:

You can write your letter directly online, use one of the 200 letter templates available, if you need help constructing your letter, upload documents from your computer or reuse a draft saved in your account.
There is also a ‘customer advisor’ available who will scan your mail and complete your details and those of your recipient if you need help.

You can still use red stamps already purchased but they will be delivered in 3 days as opposed to one day previously.

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