Filmed in the P-O : Ô la belle vie

This Sunday, 25th April, regional TV channel France 3 will be coming to our very own Céret, birthplace of cubism and source of inspiration to many great artists, including local boy and art lover, José Angulo.

Together with presenter, Sophie Jovillard, Angulo will guide viewers through the historic, cobbled streets of his hometown, retracing the steps of masters who have trodden the same path for generations.

Inspired by its light, its colours, its shady trees and picturesque squares, Pablo Picasso, Salvidor Dali, Matisse and more all paid tribute to Céret on their canvasses. The programme will look at the artists and artworks connected to the town, taking in a visit to both the Musée d’art moderne and the poetic sculptures of René Guisset at the Odile Oms gallery. The new generation of artists is also featured in this colourful programme, with the robotic men of Jordi Taza.

Ô la belle vie is an exciting new programme dedicated to showcasing the region of Occitanie, broadcast every Sunday at 12.55pm on France 3 Occitanie.

Don’t miss it!

belle vie

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