Mindfulness Events and Workshops

To live in pleine conscience means to live mindfully, relishing the full experience of each moment without judgement of value.

Taking responsibility for your body, health and life via a range of not-for-profit seminars, retreats and workshops could help you to find harmony and live a healthier, happier existence.

Jean-Jacques Brouquet and his team of health and communication specialists invite you to join them on a journey of personal development, seeking peace and inner equilibrium.

Special Event

Alliance and Mindfulness

8th – 12th May 2019, Riunogues

L’aide à la personne is a residential course for a maximum of 10 people, open to all ages. It is designed to help you discover the broad scope of intentions.

To help the other requires us to turn towards ourselves, towards our depths and to abandon ourselves so that our ability to love unconditionally emerges…

Learn to accompany with benevolence all emotional manifestations in a soothing and liberating perspective.

Skilled means as practical supports for emergence and support:

  • Shiatsu and meridian system approach
  • Approach to plantar and palm reflexology
  • Californian touch/massage and specific massages (face, back, stomach, legs, scapular belt, neck…)
  • Postural integration
  • Rebirth
  • Gestalt theatre
  • Polarities
  • Osho Meditation
  • Approach to energy centres
  • Bio-energy (Lowens)
  • Korean relaxation

Teaching without accommodation : 275€ (please note the residential aspect is a very useful part of the weekend)
Full board accommodation : max. 250€

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Contact Jean-Jacques by
email terredepleineconscience@gmail.com or on
06 87 55 51 60 for more details


Do you suffer from medically inexplicable conditions such as pain, fatigue, irritability, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite…? You may be suffering from a somatoform disorder.

Using a combination of physical and psychological methods (relaxation techniques, reiki, shiatsu, mindful meditation and the Dorn and Breuss method), Jean-Jacques will help you to address the root cause of these symptoms, improving your quality of life.

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Saint Jacques de Compostella

The iconic pilgrimage undertaken since the 12th century can awaken the conscience and reveal, to those who listen, peace and understanding.

If you feel you need a little time out for reflection and meditation, Jean-Jacques can accompany you on this journey of self-discovery, helping you to unveil your intuition and intentions.

Available all year round, on any part of the path.

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Coming Up in 2019

Teaching Mindfulness Training 

From 19th – 20th January, St Génis des Fontaines

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Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

From 23rd January, St Génis des Fontaines
8 x 2 hour sessions or 4 day intensive workshop (30th Oct – 2 Nov)

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Dorn and Breuss Dorsal Therapy (preventative and curative therapies for dorsal issues, open to practitioners)

23rd – 24th February / 23rd – 24th March / 15th June, St Génis des Fontaines

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Silent Meditation Retreat

27th April – 1st May, Riunoguès

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Alliance and Mindfulness – Helping the Other (as above)

8th – 12th May, Riunoguès

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Nature and Meditation : “Go towards yourself”

24th – 29th August / 9th – 13th October, Riunoguès

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